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Gigi Hadid Dating ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Daniel Sharman?

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | 1:11 AM

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It looks like Gigi Hadid may have a new man in her life! The stunning ‘Sports Illustrated’ model was spotted out in NYC on Oct. 17, with ‘Teen Wolf’ heart-throb, Daniel Sharman!
Credit to: Hollywood Life
Talk about a hot couple! On Oct. 17, Gigi Hadid, 19, was all smiles as she stepped out in NYC with Teen Wolf actor, Daniel Sharman, 28, in matching denim outfits prompting rumors to swirl that the pair may be more than friends. 

Daniel Sharman & Gigi Hadid Dating?

It looks like Gigi may be over Joe Jonas and onto seeing Daniel! The Daily Mail reports that Gigi, “beamed while they rubbed shoulders” while out and about in New York City. Not only did they look extremely happy to be in each others company, but they even dressed similarly. 

Gigi looked stunning wearing an all-denim ensemble with her top tucked into her jeans with a few buttons undone showing off a hint of cleavage showing paired with short black booties.

Daniel looked handsome wearing a dark grey denim coat, a navy blue t-shirt and grey denim pants. In the sweet pictures, Daniel looks totally engrossed in what Gigi is saying as she walks along next to him with a large smile across her face — so sweet!


Source: Hollywood Life
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Doctor Who (2005) Season 8 Episode 8: Mummy on the Orient Express

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Saturday, October 11, 2014 | 5:06 AM

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hey guys, it is Saturday once again and it only means that we are heading towards a brand new episode of Doctor Who. I believe that this is going to be an awesome night as usual if we will spend it with our all-time favorite Time Lord. Tonight's new episode of Doctor Who is titled "Mummy on the Orient Express", and if we will think about its summary, it seems that we are going to witness another goodbye in the show. 

Yeah, you had read it right, in the summary it is time for Clara to bid farewell to the Time Lord. She had seen The Doctor at his most deadliest and most ruthless, I think that's an awesome adventure for her, isn't it? If this is really true, then their adventure aboard the most beautiful train in history is their last and there's nothing more beautiful than a very exciting and adventurous departure. It was rumored that a legend is stalking the passengers in the train and I supposed that is just an amazing adventure as The Doctor and Clara part their ways. Speaking of the legend, it was the Mummy that everyone is scared of, because once you see the Mummy, you only have 66 seconds to live and I'm just worrying that Clara encounter the Mummy that leads into some tragic separation between her and The Doctor.

If you want to know if all of these things is true, you have to watch Doctor Who (2005) Season 8 Episode 8: Mummy on the Orient Express this Saturday - October 11, 2014.
Aboard the most beautiful train in history, speeding among the stars of the future, a legend is stalking the passengers. Once you see the Mummy, you have 66 seconds to live. Clara sees The Doctor at his most deadliest and most ruthless - and finally she realises she's made the right decision. Because this is their last adventure: it's time to say goodbye to the Time Lord.
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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2: White Out

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Sunday, October 5, 2014 | 8:03 AM

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our favorite TV series that entice us with amazing fantasy stories are back this Sunday, Once Upon a Time will give us the second episode from its fourth season and believe me, it will froze us with excitement. Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 will not only froze us with also spice up our night due to many astounding twist in it. 

If you want to get some idea about "White Out" (which is the title of Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2), then kindly read the synopsis below.

While desperately trying to find her sister Anna, Elsa is startled by Emma and accidentally traps them both inside an ice cave, with the frozen temperature placing Emma’s life in peril. Regina, depressed over her likely breakup with Robin Hood, secludes herself away from the town and Henry, which saddens her son. And with the townspeople considering Mary Margaret their leader, she faces her first leadership task in trying to re-start a generator and restore the town’s electricity after Elsa freezes and damages the power lines. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest of the past, Anna tries to teach a meek David to fight Bo Peep, a brutal warlord who is threatening to take his and his mother’s farm away if they don’t pay her price.

That sounds pretty interesting, that's why everybody must not forget to see tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time. So, be ready for it, and it will be available online at COKEANDPOPCORN.INFO
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Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 6: Little Gift Shop of Horrors

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Saturday, October 4, 2014 | 6:30 AM

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A brand new episode from our favorite Disney series "Gravity Falls" will invade our Saturday this October 4, aren't you excited guys? Well, this new episode is named "Little Gift Shop of Horros" and I supposed that this is an advanced horror treats for the fans from our favorite characters in the show. 

In Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 6: Little Gift Shop of Horrors, Stan acquired a curse from a witch and I'm sure this is going to be a big deal in the story. On the other hand, Mabel braves Claymotion while Waddles will somehow surprise us since he successfully eats a bowl of jelly. In addtion, he builds machine that allows him to speak, isn't it interesting?

So, don't forget to watch Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 6: Little Gift Shop of Horrors this Saturday, and you can check it out online at
Stan is cursed by a witch; Mabel braves Claymotion; Waddles eats a bowl of jelly and builds a machine that allows him to speak.
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Doctor Who (2005) Season 8 Episode 7: Kill the Moon

It's gonna be an amazing and adventurous Saturday night waiting for all the fans of Doctor Who this coming October 4. A new episode titled "Kill the Moon' will send a deluge of entertainment that will keep us laughing for the rest of the night due to all to many hilarious things that our favorite Time Lord will do. 

Well, 'Kill the Moon' has a creepy story but knowing that this is Doctor Who, we can always expect the most unexpected turn of events especially with the Doctor around. He'll make the best out from the eerie scenario of the story so we shouldn't really worry that much about the creepy parts of the episode. However, everybody should prepare themselves for an adventure to the Moon since The Doctor and Clara that will entice our minds to defy gravity once in a while. The gang will arrive on a ruins of a shuttle and they crash on the lunar surface. They then discover some horrifying secrets that lies in the mining base they had found on the surface which is filled with disembowel corpses. 

Aside from those scary discovery, Doctor Who (2005) Season 8 Episode 7: Kill the Moon will also feature a spider-like creatures and I assumed that these are the responsible behind the creepy set up on the lunar surface. These creatures that hiding in the dark will surely make a surprising encounter with The Doctor, that's why we have to be ready for some dosage of absurd scenarios. 

You can watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7: Kill the Moon at COKEANDPOPCORN.INFO

In the near future, The Doctor and Clara arrive on a decrepit shuttle making a suicide mission to the Moon. Crashing on the lunar surface, they find a mining base full of eviscerated corpses, spider-like creatures scuttling about in the dark, and a terrible dilemma.
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'Arrow' Season 3 Spoilers: Oliver To Find Out About Thea In Next Chapter

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Monday, September 29, 2014 | 5:27 AM

Monday, September 29, 2014

The recently released synopsis of episode 2 of season 3 of Arrow reveals that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will finally find out why Thea (Willa Holland) has gone M.I.A.

The synopsis states thats as Oliver begins to worry that he hasn't heard from Thea, Roy (Colton Haynes) is forced to tell him the truth about why she left town.   

In a recent interview with Den of Geek Haynes spoke about the introdcution of a new character who might help him get his mind off of Thea. As Roy and Thea had a bit of a falling out in the second episode, Roy will be dealing with missing her.

"I can tease the possibility of someone from Roy's past coming in and taking Roy's mind off of Thea for a bit," he said. "And then there's the massive new characters coming in that the fans will know. I'm not sure how soon that'll be, but I think it'll be pretty early in the season."

Here's the official synopsis for episode 2:

"Lance (Paul Blackthorne) calls the Arrow (Stephen Amell) when another archer appears in town and starts skewering businessmen. Diggle (David Ramsey) uses A.R.G.U.S. to find the archer's identity; he is a man named Simon Lacroix (guest star Matt Ward), who goes by the codename Komodo. However, the team hits a rough patch with the mission and gets help from a surprising source - Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Meanwhile, Oliver begins to worry that he hasn't heard from Thea (Willa Holland), which forces Roy (Colton Haynes) to tell him the truth about why she left town.  Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) pursues Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). In the flashback, Maseo (guest star Karl Yune) tells Oliver that Amanda Waller has ordered his first kill. As Oliver looks down the scope of the rifle, he sees the target is his best friend, Tommy (guest star Colin Donnell).  Despite her promise to her sister, Laurel debates sharing a secret about Sara (Caity Lotz) with Lance. Wendey Stanzler directed the episode written by Jake Coburn & Keto Shimizu (#302)."

The finale of season 2 of Arrow aired on May 14 on the CW. Season 3 premieres on October 8 on The CW. 

Source: Enstarz
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Outlander Season 1 Episode 7: The Wedding

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Saturday, September 20, 2014 | 6:29 AM

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A wedding ceremony is waiting for everybody this coming Saturday as Claire and Jaime marriage will take over the front line in the new episode of Outlander. Everyone is invited in the wedding of Jaime Fraser and Claire Randall which is going to be filled with drama and doubts. 

The bigger question will rise as Claire is now torn between two men in different times - one from the era which she came from and another is Jaime on which she started to fall deeper now. In fact, the upcoming wedding causes deeper feelings to arise between the two after Dougal Mackenzie make the decision for their marriage.

I supposed that this will be a big event in the entire season and may bring forth further challenges and complex in the story of Claire's adventure back in the past. For now, let's all be ready to witness Claire as she walk down the aisle wearing a very elegant and beautiful wedding dress (according to Caitriona Balfe herself) this Saturday - September 20, 2014. So, don't forget to watch Outlander Season 1 Episode 7: The Wedding on your television or on for everyone. 
Synopsis: Claire and Jamie’s unfolding marriage causes deeper feelings to arise; Claire finds herself torn between two men in different times.
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Doctor Who (2005) Season 8 Episode 5: Time Heist

Doctor Who - Time Heist
A brand new episode from the famous Time Lord is coming this Saturday titled "Time Heist", does it mean that there will be some 'time robbery' that will happen? Literally, it is not that time that will be rob this Saturday but a bank - the notorious Bank of Karabraxos which is famous as the deadliest bank in the cosmos; that just sounds crazy I think. Well, "Time Heist" is probably one of the most thrilling episode that we will watch so far, thanks for the available previews in the web for giving us some glimpse of the upcoming episode. Time Heist will feature Peter Capaldi as The Doctor together with Jenna Coleman and a very menacing monsters which is called "The Teller". 

I am pretty sure that most of you are still under the spell of last week's creepy yet moving episode of Doctor Who. However, we need to go forward; Douglas Mackinnon, the director of "Time Heist" stated what he and the writers wanted to accomplish during an interview with The Daily Record.
"What we wanted to do was a heist movie for Doctor Who. I've watched virtually every heist movie there's ever been, and it incorporates things into it, but because it's Doctor Who, time travel is involved," he said. "There's a real time travel twist to it that's quite amazing - it starts with the TARDIS in Clara's flat, and the TARDIS phone starts ringing - very few people have that number, so when he picks up the phone, that's when the adventure begins."
According to the episode summary of "Time Heist" - The Doctor is trying to do something crazy this week and it involved the Bank of Karabraxos. In his escapade, he encountered The Teller which is a creature of horrible and terrifying power; and that power is to detect guild and may probably challenge our favorite Time Lord.

So, everybody must not miss to see this new chapter of The Doctor's adventure this coming Saturday - September 20, 2014.You may watch Doctor Who latest episodes at
Synopsis: The Bank of Karabraxos is the deadliest bank in the cosmos - only a fool or genius would tempt to rob it. Fortunately, for The Doctor, he's both. But nothing even The Doctor has encountered can prepare them for the Teller: a creature of terrifying power that can detect guilt.
Teasers Compilation from Mstarz:

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Reign Season 2 Spoilers: Mary Goes All The Way? More Sexually Charged Scenes For Lead Star Adelaide Kane While Francis And Lola Find Themselves On Dangerous Grounds

Penulis : Jervis Zeuldeick on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 | 5:01 AM

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All the intriguing and exciting things bound to happen in the kingdom had this "Reign" season 2 spoilers bursting at the seams.

Entertainment Weekly highlighted the many dramas Mary will go through as stated in the news site's "Reign" season 2 spoilers. For the young and beautiful Queen of Scotts (Adelaide Kane), life is not always a catwalk where looking gorgeous in her frilly elaborate frocks is all that mattered.

Emotions run deep beneath the royal pageantry. Mary will be confronting issues of varied proportions claimed the "Reign" season 2 spoilers.

These would involve deaths and other dismal events to come as the plague sweeps across the country, followed by a famine and punctuated by a mother-child drama. On top of these, issues arise from a royal coronation - and for Mary, she will have more than her fair share of racy bed romps.
But Mary is not the only one who is getting all the action. Francis and Lola will also find themselves caught in a rather sticky predicament, but not of a sexual nature. They will be literally on dangerous grounds as they fail to make it in time to the safe side of the quarantined gates, reported Just Jared Jr.

The plague does not only threaten the physical health of Mary and Francis. It also challenges their governance, which may prove tricky for them given that they have just ascended to power.

New nemesis, some of them with murderous intent, will be confronting them too. The ever-present struggle for political supremacy is always at the heels of the young nobles, heightening the pressure even more as the death toll brought by the plague rises.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Adelaide Kane and asked her of any new developments with her character, Mary.

The Australian actress said that the young queen would be more than just a figurehead. This time around, she will have a hand in governing her country. She will be easing more into her role as one of the leaders.

As to how Mary matures to assume her queenly responsibilities and go beyond being just a will find out in the next "Reign" season 2 spoilers.

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The Originals Season 2 Sneak Peek - Prepare Yourselves

We’ve hit the home stretch, and with only 20 days left of this three month long hiatus, we finally get a good long look at our favorite cast and crew making season 2 of The Originals.

We are all anxious to see more from our New Orleans broody lot, and as The Originals season 2 premiere date inches closer, we will surely be getting more and more details about what to expect this fall. Until then, here’s a behind the scenes video that includes some exciting new footage, including a glimpse at the new character Kaleb, played by Daniel Sharman, whose role has been kept very hush-hush.

After the incredible first season, we can’t wait to see how Klaus and Elijah deal with the Guerrera line of werewolves and get control of their city back. And with the dissolution of the Other Side in this crazy, supernatural world, things are about to get even crazier.

While season 1 was mostly a struggle for power over the Quarter, this season will present some new obstacles in the forms of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. Klaus and Elijah, while still wanting to rule over New Orleans and make it safe for baby Hope, now must face off against the parents that tried to destroy them time and time again.

We are also intrigued to know how Kaleb and Davina will be getting along after they meet outside the record store. We’re sure he’ll have some nefarious scheme up his sleeve, as pretty much every supernatural creature in New Orleans does, but whose side he is on will continue to be a mystery until the show premieres in October.

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