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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mages is among the most versatile character to play in every game. In fact, mages can be a pure glass assaulter and cannon critical attacker or a dish out heavy damage attacker and healer at the same time. Mages start to excel in the game at around level 40’s and 50’s where they have a nice balance of skills and being a competitive class within the game.

*High Magic Defense-Mages get a passive ability that increases magic defense by 20% so there is no need to worry about going against other mages!
*Healing Abilities-Other classes may have healing abilities, but there is no healing ability as strong as the mages. Mages also get a passive that increases healing by 8%.
*Area of Effect (AOE)-Mages also has the most potent AOE abilities in the game and this is our comfort zone for damage. Mages come in, AOE nuke and let their heavy single target damage friends do the rest!
*Labyrinth Survivability - Underground Labyrinth is a pit you fight against foes that get tougher the deeper you go into the floors. Mages have some of the faster clearing times in here because of their strong AOE and just as strong for survival as they can also self heal and stay alive longer.

*Low Physical Defense-Mages do not gain a boost to physical defense like the knights and archers, leaving them vulnerable to physical attacks.
*Low HP Points-Mages do not gain a boost to HP either like the knights do. Maintaining the balance of mages defenses and HP play a crucial role.
*Weak Single Target Damage-While we excel at the AOE damage, we lack in the single target damage. We do have a few abilities, but those should be reserved for PVE situations as PVP you will rarely get a chance to build enough rage.
*Slow Rage Buildup-Mages will gain 8 rages per attack which is fairly lower than the other classes.

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Skill Set Up
Bolt: Lv.4 108%+75 Magic Damage To a Single Enemy – The most basic attack of mages.
Flame: Lv.4 134% Magic Damage To All Enemies (QTE: 25% Bonus) – This will be your main and only saving grace (can be compared to an archer's Multi-shot though not AS hard hitting, but pretty damn close if your Matk is pretty high compared to the enemy's Patk).
MP Generator: Lv.2 +2 Rage per Attack – One of the first key passive abilities you get. Make it a priority to maximize these 2 skill points first to gain additional 2 rage per attack.
Magic Mastery: Lv.3 Magic Attack Boost of 15% - Another key early passive. in conjunction with Heart Element, Mana master should be prioritized to be maximized early to boost magic attack by 15%.
Heal: Lv.3 Restore HP equivalent to 65% +200 of magic damage to the teammate with the smallest percentage of hp. This is also the main healing spell and 2 points should be taken early to gain the 10% damage reduction bonus and maxed at a point you feel the need to upgrade.
Healing Aura: Lv.2 Healing Ability Boost of 8% + 20% Magic Defense Boost (Allows you to focus more on that Pdef.
Regen: Lv.3 Adds regen buff to all teammates that restores 4% of MAX Hp with every attack, Lasts 5 Turns.
Curse: Lv.3 2500 Fixed Damage (Bypasses Defenses and makes Opponent take 10% more damage for 5 Turns, VERY Useful Against Other Mages with High Mdef) Focus on this LASTLY.
Priority Gems
Magic Attack Gem
Physical Defense Gem
HP Gem
Optional Gems
Critical Gem
Magic Defense Gem
Gearing up a mage with a gem properly is half the battle to winning.
If you are willing to cash and buy sockets, it is recommended that you gem 1 magic attack 1 physical defense and 1 health into each equipment item. The magic attack will help boost your damage and healing power, the physical defense will help to close the gap on mage's naturally weaker physical defense. This also applies to the health gems as well. For those of you who want to play without spending cash, the balancing task will be tricky but still possible.

Equipping your character with appropriate gear plays a vital role to win; it is a simple but complex part of the game. For those of you who can spend the time doing arenas and battle grounds, you should buy the Shaman Equipment, and skip on the Saint Equipment. The Saint Equipment will be hard to gather up for and would be recommended for those who are of different time zones and miss out on PVP events, willing to spend jewels to build gear (will be very hard without it), and or those who do not care for the PVP scene. If you go toe to toe between the 2 gear sets, (as I have many times on my server) the Shaman gear will win out in duels and arenas to those in full Saint gear for the fact that the Shaman gear gives a -1000 Magic Defense mitigation and 30 starting rage. For your rings and talisman, if you have not bought 5 dollars of jewels for the 2 yellow talisman items, it is recommended that you use your underground coins that are acquired from underground labyrinth quest to purchase rings and talismans starting at the level 30 set and up.

Main Astrals
Magic Attack
Magic Defense
Physical Defense 
Optional Astrals
Disable Critical for flat damage boost


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